Get Cookin’

KatyKeto is dedicated to empowering women in cooking inflammation-free low-carb meals. There is no need to be a master chef, just to feel competent to prepare meals that you find nutritious and delicious. But we know, that’s easier said than done.

Especially since a lot of us never got formal cooking instruction (or it was filled with crazy recipes including ingredients like Crisco and Spam), and home cooking has been steadily on the decline since the 1980s. (Can you believe that in 2014, less than 60 percent of the dinners served at home in America were actually cooked at home in 2014? -- In the 1980s, the percentage was closer to 75 percent.)

It is clear that cooking is not merely a matter of mechanical skill or rote training. Though beyond this, it is difficult to explain why similar individuals have such different capacities for setting and achieving food-related goals. These days academics are exploring the use of the term “food agency” – in an attempt to describe how an individual's food pallet preference forms and is enacted in correspondence with their social environments.

Broadly, “food agency” emerges from a complex interplay of technical skills and socio-cultural supports and barriers. Overall, more food agency means the cook is more empowered to act. That’s you, you’re the cook.

As a KatyKeto member we work tirelessly to help you feel empowered cooking things that make you feel nurtured. From meal plans, to personalized coaching, we make being in the kitchen fun and easy. 

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