Going Keto, Gradually

Going Keto can be very challenging on a woman’s body as our bodies are super sensitive to even the smallest of dietary changes. Switching to a low-carb diet too quickly can cause a big shock to your system, often referred to as the “Keto flu”.

Keto flu got its name because when you switch your body over from using carbs, as it’s primary source of energy, to fats instead (that’s what Ketosis is). Doing so too quickly you can experience “flu” like symptoms (namely, fatigue and headaches). 

While it’s perfectly normal to experience these symptoms, it’s also a lot of stress on your body. Which is why we support you in very gradually going Keto. Because the gentler your transition to Keto, the sooner you’ll see and feel the results and more likely you’ll be to stick with it!

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