Inflammation Out of the Kitchen

This week we are working towards making low-carb, anti-inflammatory meals next week (and there after). It’s gonna require some changes. And will result in delicious and nourishing foods being a staple of your everyday.

The KatyKeto Pantry (which will get emailed to you tomorrow) is designed so that all foods you are consuming are both digestible and nutritious. This means excluding foods that can trigger an inflammatory response in the body. But why? 

Well, inflammation is when your body enacts its immune response to fight something that it experiences as dangerous to your body. This means your body is diverting essential energy to fight the pathogen instead of giving that energy to essential processes like digestion. In the short term, this is great, your body is keeping bad things out of you. But in the long term, this is bad: you aren’t getting all the nutritional value of your food. Which in and of itself drastically compromises your sensitively balanced immune system. 

And a poorly balanced immune system reacts either too little or too much, which can put you in grave danger, actually. As preeminent immunology expert Matt Ritchel put it, “the immune system is so powerful, arguably, [it is] the single most powerful organism on the earth—able to cause more damage with more precision in a moment than any other thing or any other disease or bacteria or parasite could do to us, ourselves.” So we don’t want our immune system to fight things that are good for us, one way of doing this is avoiding inflammatory foods.

But what does inflammation feel like? If you have stomach aches, regular brain fog and fatigue, stalled weight loss, achy joints, acne, eczema, bloating, migraines, you have inflammation to a greater or lesser degree.

Excluding anti-inflammatory foods from your home means you give your body a chance to rest from fighting inflammatory foods and instead divert that energy to fighting off bad pathogens, like the flu, and other inflammatory conditions like general stress, acne, arthritis. 

KatyKeto Pantry, The Anti-Inflammatory Kitchen

We want you to have an inflammation free kitchen so you don’t have to be hyper-vigilant when you eat outside of your home (or order in). Though even when out and about (or ordering in) you should continue to avoid grains, gluten, sugar, fruit, legumes, and lectins in big portions. We find it is easiest to commit to eliminating one or two inflammatory foods from your diets completely. (We avoid gluten no matter where we are.)

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