28 Day Weight Loss Program

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KatyKeto's 28 Day Weight Loss Program is the easiest way to lose weight with keto and intermittent fasting.

Fast all morning easily on our hunger quenching fat burning Matcha Latte. Then as you begin to get hungry closer to noon, make a quick Keto Shake with our chocolate keto shake mix to begin transitioning to your day's eating.

Use our many quick keto recipes to make simple and delicious meals for lunch and dinner or order out using our basic keto meal rules. 

Everyone who purchases the 28 Day Program is invited to our Members Only private Facebook group where we'll answer any questions that come up during the cleanse and support you with fabulous recipes and tips. 

Join our community of women who are all living the keto and intermittent fasting lifestyle!

The 28 Day Weight Loss Program includes:

28 servings of Matcha Latte (our fasting drink mix)

28 servings of Keto Shake (to break your daily fast with)

A 24 page Guide for the 28 Day Program

Access to our Members Only Private Facebook Group (for coaching, recipes and community support)